Tuesday, February 15, 2011

life's lesson's

Well i will say i have been quite busy lately and i will post pictures sometime. one thing i have been learning lately is Patience!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I told you I would do a new post; yet I haven't.
I told you I would post pictures; yet I haven't.

Why you ask? Well let's ponder this and see what we find, and along the way let's try and rhyme.. Why do all northerners say "oh I see", why are people afraid of bees? Why do birds fly, why do cats purr, why do plants die, why don't people have fur? Why is the sky blue, why is the grass green, why is the opposite of old new, why is the opposite of dirty clean? Why do you say I'm losing my mind, when really it's already gone, why do you dread the passing of time, why do you call me Jon? Why do you call it a funny bone, when if you hit it, it's not funny at all, why do swing your arm when bowling... it won't change the direction of the ball. Why do babies cry so much, why do toddlers whine, why is it important to eat lunch, I mean, yeah, if you do that's fine. (????) Why are you reading this ridiculous post, why are you rolling your eyes, why are you thinking of soggy milk toast, why did I just hear you sigh? Why do I like John Deere stuff, why do I wear JD clothes, why do I think it makes me look tough? Well maybe it does.. who knows? Why do I work for a health food store, why do I not eat healthy, why do you think I'm a bore? Ya never know, I could be wealthy. Why am I about to end this post, when really I'm just gettin started, why am I now craving soggy toast, why am I said that we parted... (it's about to happen....) So I guess there isn't an answer to every 'WHY', some questions will just have to keep till we die...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am Home!!! (a day late)!!!

Thanks to you all (mitchells} for putting up with me while I was there!! I will post pictures within the next couple of days!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cedar Key!!!

Hey peoples, Hannah here... There are some advantages to knowing a persons password! ;) But anyhow, today we took Mr Jonathan to see the ocean... We got like a gazillion pics, but I only have time to post a few of them right now. So here they be!!! He doesn't know I did this btw, but I know he'll appreciate my sweetness. :P                                              

Friday, January 14, 2011

My first post...

I am enjoying my first time in Florida, and it's been totally awesome, especially staying with the Mitchells. And I've gained  a whole new perspective on life... such as how gullible i am with practical jokes and pranks, and how to take it all in with a grain of salt. lol I also learned that no matter what, one of  the most important thing in life is to just be myself, and not try and be someone i wasn't meant to be...:)